Essential Oils

I have always loved the smell of essential oils and how they made me feel, but once I started my massage course back in 1998 and studied aromatherapy, my interest peaked, knowing that something so delicious can really help us to heal. Since then I began using them at home and in my clinic. They … Continue reading Essential Oils

doTERRA Adaptiv™

Are you feeling fatigued, restless 😬 indecisive 🤷🏻‍♀️ or irritable? Are you looking for ways to be calmer, happier 😃 more grounded, and hopeful? Are you looking for something to help support your children to be calmer, happier and more grounded? Then the Adaptiv System will be your new BFF. 👭 Adaptiv™ capsules combine clinically … Continue reading doTERRA Adaptiv™