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Amazing Oils Magnesium + MSM Gel Roll On


Magnesium + MSM Gel Roll-On contains Amazing Oils famous Magnesium Oil with added MSM – a naturally occurring sulfur that is fundamental to human biochemistry. This product is great for your muscles AND joints!
The role of MSM in the body:
✔️ Reduces inflammation
✔️ Produces energy
✔️ Supports immune system
✔️ Detoxifies
✔️ Can strengthen joints and cartilage while stimulating growth and healthy connective tissues.

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Magnesium Gel Roll-On + MSM!
A simple, effective way to raise your magnesium levels.
Contains our 100% pure, organically sourced Magnesium Oil, from the Salt Lakes of Australia + added MSM.
What is MSM?
MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur – a compound that is fundamental to human biochemistry. As part of the amino acid chain, sulfur is an essential building block for proteins. MSM is widely used as an alternative (natural) solution to a number of common ailments.


Adding topical magnesium into your daily routine is a great way (efficacious & bio-available) to gain the benefits of magnesium and assist in preventing magnesium deficiency. The combination of MSM and magnesium offer an even better alternative to some common ailments than magnesium does on its own.

Australian – Organically Sourced – Natural Magnesium

Turbocharged MSM – five stars
“I have relied on Amazing Oils magnesium oil for years now and thought there could be no better product for inflammatory muscle pain. But the magnesium oil plus MSM seems to turbocharge the overall effectiveness of the magnesium oil. It is my new best friend.” – Suzanne B.


Use daily, apply 4-5 rolls to your upper body in the morning to energise, then to lower body in the evening for relaxation (especially where skin is thin for optimal absorption). Rub in well for best results. Additionally, apply to areas of concern as needed.

*Tip – Keep it in your handbag, gym bag or the car. If you prefer to keep it at home, try keeping it in the bathroom.

♻︎ Amazing Oils products are recyclable in your normal household recycling. We use HDPE & PET recyclable plastic to reduce packaging waste. Please recycle your bottle after use.


Detailed Ingredients List: Organically sourced Magnesium Chloride, Methylsulfonyl Methane (pharmaceutical grade MSM), Xanthan Gum (2%).


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