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“It is through our hands that we speak to a child, that we communicate. Touch is the child’s first language. Understanding comes long after feeling” (DR.FREDERICK LEBOYER)

Research shows that our earliest experiences with touch can influence every aspect of our lives.  Nurturing touch can determine the way we think, act, feel and relate to others. Infant massage classes are relaxing and fun, and a wonderful way to share experiences with other parents while enjoying quality time with your baby!

When we feel loved as a result of an abundance of appropriate touch and affection in our lives, we have an inbuilt sense of safety and inner stability that does not depend upon how other people respond to us. Eye and skin contact, smell, smiles and vocal sounds play a vital part in parent-baby bonding and are essential elements of infant massage. Through observing and responding to your baby’s smiles, frowns, coos and kicks with nurturing touch, love and connection, you are reinforcing feelings of trust and respect, and building your baby’s self-esteem.

Monica Levine is a certified IMIS Infant Massage Instructor and teaches infant massage to mums and dads, grandparents and carers. You will fall in love with infant massage and realise the lifelong benefits for you and your baby whilst having fun in a supportive environment sharing with other parents and caregivers.

Infant Massage Gift Vouchers are available to purchase for the private or group courses. This is a great gift idea for a new Mum / Dad to enjoy with their baby. Perfect for baby showers, Baby’s christening or 1st birthday.

Private 1-on-1 classes – $180 for the course

Group classes – $120 for the course

Organise a group of 4 or more for an infant massage course and you receive 50% off your course fee.

Applies to the standard 4 week course only.