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When purchasing stock for my clinic, I spend many, many hours researching, looking for only the best products available. I look for high quality products, that I would use myself. This is how I discovered lupin heat bags.

Lupin Heat Packs have many advantages over traditional wheat bags. You might have noticed that traditional wheat bags develop a ‘cooked’ or ‘burnt’ smell over time, where as this is much less noticeable with lupin. So you will no longer have to put up with that over powering smell in your house each time you microwave your heat bag! Lupins are 30% lighter in weight and retain their heat longer. The are not treated with chemicals or fungicides, are allergy free and don’t sweat when heated in the microwave. Not only that, they can also be used as a cold pack by storing in the freezer in an air tight plastic bag.

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Use warm…..   Heat tends to work best for soothing stiff joints and tired muscles and is very comforting. The gentle warmth stimulates blood flow and helps to relax tense muscles. Great for menstrual cramps, stress, neck, shoulder, back and leg pain.

Use cold…….  Cold is best for recent pain, numbing and decreasing inflammation or swelling. Place on an acute injury to reduce swelling and bruising ….but of course see your Doctor …we are not claiming magical properties here. Also may be comforting for headaches and migraines, sinus pain, and other temporary pain such as insect bites.

Back Wraps, Neck Wraps and Rectangle heat packs are now available in the clinic and in our online store. Limited designs are available.

The Back Wrap is made with fully adjustable strong Velcro and has eight individual panels that provide support and pain relief for the lower back or can be worn across your stomach to help relieve stomach cramps. Best thing of all, once you strap it on, it will not move!

The Neck Wrap provides relief in the neck, throat and shoulder area. Made with 5 individual panels to give an even heat.



You can heat your bag up for 2-2 1/2 minutes. I recommend 2 minute for the first time and then additional 30 second periods if required. Times vary depending on microwave wattage and weight of your product.


Lupin Heat Bags will stay at optimum heat for over an hour, 30% longer than traditional wheat bags


You can spot wipe over the Heat Pack with a damp cloth or wipe. You can also wash in the washing machine, we recommend a gentle cycle. Dry the material in direct sunlight or in front of the heater, once the material is dry heat in the microwave and that will help to dry the Lupins and shrink back to normal size.

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