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If you grind your teeth, suffer from temporal headaches, TMJ Disorder or chronic sinus issues, facial cupping is sure to be new your favourite experience.

Cupping activates drainage of the lymph nodes and helps unblock sinuses, relieving swelling and discomfort, as well as relaxing muscular tension and tightness from the face, neck, and décolletage.

TMJ dysfunction – Did you know that at least 20% of Australian adults will be affected by TMJ pain? (Temporomandibular Joint) TMJ dysfunction is caused by subconscious grinding or clenching of your teeth which can lead to headaches, migraines and pain in your face and neck. Studies have shown that in conjunction with dental treatment, remedial massage is one of the most effective treatments for achieving significant improvement in jaw functionality, reduction of pain and overall quality of life.

Application of a warm towel allows your facial muscles to relax, pores to open, and airways to gain freedom. We then apply a serum which allows the facial cups to glide over your sore muscles and gently move and drain excess fluid from your face. We use extra special cups for this treatment, so you definitely won’t be left with any marks on your face – only gloriously soft skin and new-found freedom in your jaw and breathing ability. 


  • 30 mins $70
  • 45 mins $85