Massage Indulgences

Looking to treat yourself or someone you love? We have some gorgeous indulgences for those times when you just need to be pampered! All indulgences are available as gift vouchers.

Muscle Meltdown – 1.5 hours $120

A relaxing, full body oil massage that will gently relieve aches and muscle soreness with a personalised blend of gorgeous aromatherapy oils. Together with either a head or foot massage, this massage will revitalize both body and mind by leaving you with that wonderful feeling of well-being.

Ultimate Indulgence – 2 hours $160

Are you in need of some serious attention? How does 2 hours of kneading, stretching, pummelling and soothing sound? The Ultimate Indulgence is a whole body massage which includes scalp, face and feet. The use of exquisite essential oils are inhaled and massaged to enhance relaxation, while the mind is calmed and cleared of all stress and fatigue.

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